About Us

Loudspeaker design and manufacturing has been a lifelong pursuit for the Ryan brothers; Trevor and Todd. The original Ryan Acoustics was formed in the mid 1980’s and went on to produce the MCL-1A, MCL-1B, MCL-2 , MCL-3, and MCL-4. The speakers were well reviewed in the international audio press. They represented great value, rewarding listeners with very coherent well balanced sound.

With the introduction of the new Ryan speakers we set three goals for every speaker we make:
1. Outstanding value
2. State of the art performance
3. Hand crafted in America

Over the past 10 years improvements in loudspeaker modeling software and the precision of test equipment have increased dramatically. It is now possible to build woofers and tweeters with lower levels of distortion than previously imagined. Using equipment like the Klippel Distortion Analyzer allows woofers and tweeters to be designed and manufactured with perfect symmetry and linearity of movement. These improvements translate into a dramatic increase in the resolution of low level detail, reduction in coloration and far greater low frequency control.

Ryan enclosures are assembled in house with extensive internal bracing, reducing panel resonance caused colorations to inaudible levels. The location of the bracing was chosen after extensive measurements with a laser vibrometer. The outside of the enclosure is finished in a selection of high quality veneers to compliment any décor.

The heart of any speaker is its crossover and this is an area that separates Ryan speakers from all others in its price range. All Ryan crossovers are evaluated in both anechoic and real room environments. The outcome of this is a speaker that has amazing accuracy and coherence in any listening environment. All Ryan crossovers feature air core inductors, the finest capacitors and point to point wiring for maximum signal integrity and purity.

We believe the speakers we are offering today represent an outstanding blend of science and art, we hope you will agree.